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Welcome to the world of granite craftsmanship. As a trusted granite contractor, Granite Pearl Design Inc. specializes in transforming ordinary residential and commercial properties into extraordinary showcases of timeless elegance. With our experience and dedication, we can create stunning environments that surpass your highest expectations. Explore our range of services in Chicago, IL and experience the artistry of natural stone.

About Our Services

Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops
Made of natural stone, this product is highly regarded for its durability, heat resistance, and stunning look. If you wish to add elegance and value to your kitchen, be it commercial or residential, granite is the right choice of material for you. When you need granite services, call us. We can help! 

Granite Vanity Tops

Granite Vanity Tops
Similar to countertops, granite vanity tops contain natural stone but are specially designed for bathrooms. They provide a stylish and luxurious feel. With their durability and resistance to stains, they combine aesthetic appeal with functionality, creating a sophisticated bathroom design.

Countertop Installation

Countertop Installation
Count on our experts to help you with your granite countertop installation needs. Their work involves measuring your space, cutting, and proper installation techniques to ensure a seamless and secure fit. We have the tools and expertise necessary to ensure a successful installation. 

Granite Restoration

Granite Restoration
To avoid granite countertop replacement in the first place, be sure to take proper care of your surfaces. Our technicians can help you repair, polish, and revitalize granite surfaces. If the problem persists, they can offer an affordable new installation service. 


Granite walls offer strength and natural beauty that no other material can beat. They are used as exterior walls or decorative walls within a space. Granite walls provide timeless aesthetics, complementing various architectural styles. 


 Our general granite company can also assist with the installation of granite floors. Our team fabricates the necessary tiles or slabs to create durable surfaces for your kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, or commercial spaces. 

Why Choose Granite and Our Company

Granite contributes to an exceptional finishing style known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Its unique impermeability allows for easy cleaning. Furthermore, granite is ideal for stylish countertops, elegant flooring, and decorative walls to showcase the captivating beauty of natural stone. As experts specializing primarily in granite work, we can achieve stunning results for you.

About Our Process

Working with our team is an enriching and seamless experience. From the initial call to the final walk-through, our specialists will guide you through every step of the process with care and precision. With their skill and deep knowledge, they will help you choose the perfect material, provide detailed measurements, and ensure a flawless installation. Throughout your experience, our team will prioritize open communication, commitment to delivering remarkable results, and utmost professionalism.

The Areas We Serve 

Contact us if you are from any of the locations mentioned below and would like to work with us. We will be happy to assist you!

  • Chicago, IL
  • Stickney Township, IL
  • Evergreen Park, IL
  • Evergreen Park Village, IL
  • Brookfield Village, IL
  • Bridgeview Village, IL

If you are local to any of these areas and would like to hire a dependable granite installation expert, contact Granite Pearl Design Inc. We will be happy to assist you!

Client Testimonials


Exelent job. Really honest and reliable prices. Highly recommend it, meet all my expectations. Clean and on time. Dont hesitate to call Diego.

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